My Philosophy
Food is related to life and is a fundamental part of our existence. The experience derived from years of research and innovations led to consider nutrition first of all as a way to respect our body.
The interest arisen around the food has become a phenomenon not always careful when it comes to preserving local culinary tradition. I am proud of my Sicilian roots. The presence in the territory of different influences given by the migrant population turned this region into a fertile and generous land. I took the risk to eliminate garlic and onions, considered central elements in the Italian culinary tradition. I do not use any ‘soffritto’ in my recipes, just basil, mint, capers, oregano, almonds and cinnamon. Rediscovering the ancient recipes of the tradition is like a journey through history. Some recipes like the sweet-and-sour pumpkin or the oven-baked rings belong to the poor culinary tradition.
The oven-baked rings, prepared with pork rind, fried aubergines, eggs and a tasty cheese called ‘Canestrato’ will always remind me of the smell spreading inside the house. The secret is exploring plain recipes, from the choice of the ingredients to the preparation process. I strongly believe that using garlic would prevent from appreciating the natural flavour of the other ingredients. I love the taste of citrus fruits, the smell of their zest will stay forever in our memory, like an unforgettable souvenir. I hope that my choice will not be taken for an arrogant attitude or a momentary fashion.
The ancient traditions of my Island are always on my mind while I look for innovations. All the fuss created around the so called ‘star chef’ brought to an exasperation of the cooking business. New ideas and concepts came from this discussion on how food has become a work of art, a journey through the traditions of a country.

I consider food a way to travel without moving, to taste recipes so original and tasteful to trigger a sort of meditation. I love what I am doing more and more each day; it allows me to create new proposals for my menus.
My creations are dedicated to all the people that would like to share this journey.

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