Quartiere Coppedè next to Hotel Albani Roma

When you think about Rome are probably the Imperial buildings, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and other famous landmarks coming to your mind.

Beside, a few steps from Hotel Albani Roma, here is an hidden world of whimsical and strange beauty, the unexpected and bizarre Quartiere Coppedè (Quartiere means neighborhood).

In fact not a real neighborhood, but a corner of Rome created by the architect Gino Coppedè between 1913 and 1927, featuring a fantastic mix of Art Nouveau , Art Deco , with infiltration of Greek Art , Gothic, Baroque and even Medieval.

No matter how many times you visit the Quartiere Coppedè, every time you will find something new, a small particular that you haven’t seen the previous time.

This will make the perfect excuse to come back to Rome soon.

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